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04th Jul 2023

Kildare schoolboy awarded €10,000 by Ryanair due to nightmares after flight


By Fiona Frawley

The boy was onboard a Ryanair flight that lost cabin pressure and had to make an emergency landing.

An 11-year-old schoolboy from Kildare has been awarded €10,000 in a personal injuries claim against Ryanair, after he suffered a “terrifying ordeal” onboard one of the airline’s flights.

The aircraft made an emergency landing after losing cabin pressure while travelling from Dublin to Zadar Airport, Croatia.

According to the Independent, Stefan Kokic (now 17) had sued Ryanair through his mother Nikolina Kokic, who in an affidavit said her son had suffered emotional upset as a result of the accident but had dealt well with the experience.

Barrister Ciaran Mandal told the Court that the aircraft made an emergency landing in Frankfurt Hahn Airport before continuing its journey to Zadar.

The Court heard that the claim had been brought under the Montreal Convention under which, in order to recover damages, the event that occurred had to be an accident and the complainant would have had to suffer bodily injury.

Following the incident, Stefan visited his GP twice, and was diagnosed with a degree of stress secondary to the incident as well as headaches. His counsel recommended the court’s approval of a €10,000 settlement offer by Ryanair on the basis of “outstanding issues.”