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15th Jul 2021

“We know that Delta transmission among children can happen” – Tony Holohan issues fresh warning to parents

Kat O'Connor

“It’s safer not to bring your children into indoor dining.”

Dr. Tony Holohan has issued a stark warning to parents as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Ireland.

It is believed the Delta variant now accounts for at least 80% of cases in the Republic of Ireland. NPHET confirmed an additional 783 cases last night.

ICU cases and hospitalisations are also on the rise.

“We have 20 people in ICU at the moment… 10 of those were admitted in the past 10 days,” Professor Nolan warned.

“The growth rate now is similar to or perhaps slightly less than the growth rates we saw through August, September, and October of last year, but starting from a higher base.”

Dr Holohan urged parents to be wary because “we know that Delta transmission among children can happen.”

He has advised parents to opt for outdoor dining rather than availing of indoor dining later in the month.

“For now, to parents of young children- it’s safer not to bring your children into indoor dining and other facilities, even though those kinds of things would be possible,” he advised.

He is urging unvaccinated people to stay away from crowded areas like pubs and house parties. He also empathised with young people who have been waiting to receive news about their vaccines.

The warning comes after Government officials confirmed unvaccinated children would be allowed to dine indoors when hospitality re-opens at the end of the month.