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06th Jul 2023

Lottie Ryan opens up on the pressure to have a second child

Lottie Ryan has opened up about the pressure she feels to have a second child.

The presenter said previously that she won’t have any more children as she endured a very difficult birth when having her now two-year-old son Wolf.

While the podcast host is adamant about her decision, there are still a lot of people who won’t stop asking her when she’ll be having a second baby.

Speaking on the latest episode of her parenting podcast with Jennifer Zamparelli, she said: “I’ve decided to try and start being a bit more forward so I don’t need to get into a deep conversation with it.”


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“I’ll go, ‘Right now I feel like I’m one and done. I’m very happy that Wolf is healthy and happy as am I. We’re very happy with our little family,’ and they’ll still keep going. They’ll say, ‘Ah you say that now. But you’ll forget.'”

She revealed that not only does she tell people straight up why she hasn’t had another child yet, she also tells people when they are not respecting her decision.

She continued: “If I forget, great, I’ll forget down the line. But right now I haven’t forgotten. I just told you where my head is at, so will you p**s off.

“My mother was shocked when I told her I was pregnant. She genuinely thought I was never going to have kids. I was so adamant that I wasn’t going to have kids.”