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26th Mar 2019

Mandy Moore and Shane West from A Walk to Remember reunited yesterday

Cathy Donohue

Mandy Moore and Shane West recreated this moment from A Walk to Remember and it was so lovely.

A Walk to Remember is a classic, many would say that it’s up there with The Notebook and yes I’m available to discuss/debate this.

Anyway, for those who agree with me and also adored the 2002 classic, you might be interested to hear that Mandy Moore and Shane West reunited yesterday and it was as beautiful as you might expect.

If you’re not familiar with A Walk to Remember, it features two teenagers, Jamie and Landon, who fall in love and help each other along the way with some truly heartbreaking moments (the scene with Landon and his dad, enough said).

Shane attended a ceremony held to present Mandy with her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and would you just look at them?!

They even were so kind as to recreate this pose from the movie and of course, this sent fans into meltdown.

Taking to Instagram, the This Is Us actress said:

“Stars have always sort of been our thing. Thankful to @theshanewest for his kind words on this very special day, one which I will never forget. It was a walk (of fame) to remember”.

Who can forget that Landon bought Jamie a star in the movie and they went stargazing together after he built a telescope? Yes, really.

Shane West paid tribute to his co-star saying that her smile “lights up a room” and that she “was a wonderful woman” with “irresistible energy”.

This tearjerker also has a brilliant soundtrack with some classic tunes and the ending is guaranteed to have you sobbing. Yes, I stand by that.

if you haven’t watched it yet, make it your business and if you have, treat yourself to another viewing asap.