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24th Jan 2023

Molly-Mae Hague fans are convinced she’s given birth after subtle clue

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Watch this space.

Fans are convinced more than ever that Molly-Mae Hague has secretly given birth to her baby girl after spotting some clues on social media.

As anyone who follows her knows, Molly-Mae has documented her entire pregnancy online. That is until this weekend.

Usually a regular poster, Molly-Mae has been quiet over the last few days other than one Instagram grid post and fans are sure she has had her baby.

And with her due date being any day now, they might not be far off.

Keeping their eyes peeled for even more clues, fans now believe her silence on both Instagram and YouTube is all the evidence they need.

Taking to Twitter to figure it out, one person said: “She’s sooooo had the baby. Too quiet everywhere.”

Another wrote: “I have a feeling she’s already had the little girl. So exciting.”

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While a third added: “She must be in labour. No posts for a while.”

Molly’s last post on Instagram is a picture of her and her baby bump as she thanked her body for carrying her child to term.

She wrote: “I really couldn’t have asked my body to provide a better home for the first 9 months of our little girls life… so blessed to say my pregnancy has been a complete and utter dream.”

The former Love Island star hinted that she would be giving birth very soon in a video last week when she told fans that she only had “a couple of weeks” left.

Molly-Mae said: “I know I’ve not been like specific with dates, and due dates, and everything but I’m not obviously at the very end of my third trimester. I have done most of it.

“I literally only have a couple weeks left now before I give birth. It’s crazy. I’m still not going to be specific about due dates like I’ve been, that’s literally my most asked question.”