Should I make my teenage daughter pay me for collecting her from work? 5 months ago

Should I make my teenage daughter pay me for collecting her from work?

Is she in the wrong?

A mum has sparked quite the heated debate after revealing she wants her daughter to pay for lifts home from work.

The mum explained that her daughter works part-time in the city centre, but doesn't finish until late.

She is constantly asking her mother for lifts to university, to meet friends, and to work.

She said she doesn't mind helping her out because the city can be quite dangerous at night.

Her daughter promised her mum that she'd try to find a more suitable job. She found a new job, but she works even later and it is in the city too.

"She knew I didn’t really want to go into the town late at night and I didn’t like the thought of her waiting outside her place of work for a taxi."

Because she doesn't finish her new job after midnight, the girl has asked her mum to collect her.

However, the mum is unsure about this.


"Now, I don’t want to sit at home worrying again if she’s ok getting home, but also I don’t relish the thought of regular lifts from town so late at night."

The mum is considering telling her daughter to pay for taxis home because she's put out from all the petrol.

She said it'd be easier "if she’d got a job where she could get a bus then it’d save me the money".

"Should I tell her she can pay half of what a taxi would cost if she wants me to pick her up so late."

"Or should I suck it up and fetch her for free as I’m concerned about her getting home any other way?

The mum divided users on Mumsnet, but many agreed her daughter should chip in for petrol.

"I wouldn't charge for lifts, but I also wouldn't commit to picking her up after midnight regularly. She needs to find a job to can her herself to and from."

Another added, "I wouldn't charge my own kids. Ridiculous."

Another parent pointed out, "I think she should make a contribution to the petrol. This is a work-related expense.  If you didn’t collect her, she’d have to pay for an Uber or taxi, so she’s saving a lot."

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