Mum Of Young Twins Just Received An Amazing Surprise From Hailo 7 years ago

Mum Of Young Twins Just Received An Amazing Surprise From Hailo

I have a Hailo account and so does my partner Alan. We used to use it all the time.

Whenever we'd be late for work or nipping into town for a night out, we'd just click on that fabulous little App and book our friendly taxi driver to the door.

'It's on the account!' I'd chirp on the way back home, thankful, yet again that I didn't have to stand in line at the feckin ATM to get cash for paying the driver. The App just made taxi travel so much easier, and safer of course, with the screened drivers.

But alas, we haven't used our favourite App in some time because, well, we don't get out much any more with the little kids (AKA 'booze blockers') in our lives.

Mum to twins Roisín and Bronagh, Maria Boyle, is pretty much on the same page as us.

She received an auto-generated email from the Hailo customer care team, saying 'Recently, your Hailo App has been feeling somewhat unloved'.

The rest of us who receive these emails usually just skip on to the next one, but Maria - who is a cartoonist - decided that she'd reply this one time.

Her response was lovely and friendly, telling Hailo that they'd 'totally go out on the town' together some day, but that really, she hadn't been getting out much lately.

"The reason I haven't used your app as of late is I have 8 month old twin girls, who are wonderful, don't get me wrong. But in essence I have no life."


Hallo, in their infinite soundness, replied at first by telling her that they would add a credit to her account and hope to see her soon.

That in itself made mum Maria's day.

But then the customer care team got back to her a second time with something even better;

"Following on from my previous message - I've shown your email to our team and we've all agreed that we'd love to treat you to a night out, we really think you deserve it!"

"Have you a favourite restaurant you haven't been to in a while? We'd like to get you a €100 voucher for it and provide taxis to and from on the evening."

You can read the entire post here:

Maria is obviously thrilled to be on the receiving end of such an amazing gesture of kindness, and whipped them up the cutest cartoon of thanks, featuring her two girls.

Twisted Doodles

All mums could do with a nice surprise from time to time so we LOVE this!

Faith in humanity restored!

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