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01st Dec 2021

Hero mum saves toddler sons from car moments before it exploded

Laura Grainger

The car randomly caught fire mid-journey.

A heroic mum in the UK saved her two young sons from a burning car moments before it went up in flames.

Mellisa Grant, from Walsall, had been heading to the shops with her kids on Friday, November 26 when her Vauxhall Corsa caught fire.

According to the Mirror, she had turned on the heating to de-mist the windows when she realised the passenger footwell was in flames.

“I had the heating on full to de-mist the windscreen as I was driving, and smoke came through into the car vents and seconds later fire just appeared out of nowhere in the cabin on the front bottom passenger side, where the heating is, all while I was still driving,” she said. “It happened in seconds.”

The terrified mum believed she could possibly die whilst trying to save her sons Braidan, three, and Bradley, one, who were sat in the back seat.

Unable to get Bradley out of his car seat, the mum threw Braidan away from the vehicle to keep him safe as she struggled.

She eventually broke the infant free, with the family making it out of the car mere seconds before it ‘exploded’.

Writing about what happened on her Facebook page, Melissa said: “Tonight my car set on fire with me and my two babies in it.

“I managed to get Braidan out of his car seat, but I couldn’t get Bradley out of his car seat, the car was engulfed in flames so I threw Braidan away from us because I wasn’t going to leave Bradley and I’ll die trying to save my baby and the car was going to explode any second.

“I managed to pull him out. Not caring at this point if I broke his arm because I pulled him so hard.

“I ran with the kids to the nearest house screaming for help. The car then exploded behind us as I was screaming.

“The family in the house took my kids in as I threw up on their lawn as I rang 999, I think I was still screaming.”

Everyone was miraculously okay aside from needing some oxygen due to smoke inhalation.

Mellisa says she and her sons have been traumatised by the incident, haunted by flashbacks and broken sleep.

“I can’t get that image out of my head the moment I was driving and I turned my head and saw the passenger side on fire,” she told the Mirror.

“And the moment I threw Braidan away from the car because I thought me and Bradley was going to die.

“I don’t think I’m going to forget the moment I thought I was going to die with my babies. And I feel like I might never sleep again.”

The mum is now searching for answers as to why the recently-serviced car she’s had for five years – with no problems – suddenly caught fire.

“It cannot happen to anyone else and I need answers to why me and my babies nearly lost our lives.”


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