Mum praises son for cursing at old woman in the supermarket 4 months ago

Mum praises son for cursing at old woman in the supermarket

We all know kids shouldn't curse, but one mum has made an exception for her brilliant son.

She was grocery shopping with her three children when they encountered quite a rude woman.

The mum explained that her 8-year-old son is on the spectrum and struggles in places like supermarkets.

She told Reddit, "I had to do an emergency grocery run because the delivery in my area was backed up. I took my kiddos: 5, 8, 12 with me."

"I gave him an iPad with cellular and over-the-ear headphones. He should be good to go. He doesn’t like loud noises or strangers touching him."

The mum said her eldest son, who is 12, was helping her with his brothers. She was waiting in the queue when a woman behind them started to complain.

"This old lady behind us is upset over something. I’m ignoring her, but 12 grabs me and says I think we have an issue.

"The lady starts going on about kids today and technology. She is trying to get 8 attention. I don’t want to startle him, so 12 moves between them."


The woman told the mum-of-three that her children were rude for ignoring her. She then tapped her 8-year-old boy on pulls him aside.

"He looks up from his iPad and takes his headphones off to see if something is wrong. I’m trying to get his headphones back on, and the old woman says these types of things are for at home only.

She also told the mum she needs to teach her kids to interact in public.

"She tells 8 he’s old enough to know better than to act like this, Scolding him. Loudly publicly and in the middle of the store," the mum revealed.

Her son started sobbing in the supermarket, but his big brother stepped in.

"12 turns to the old woman and says, “you stupid bitch, he’s autistic.”

The mum said she would usually tell her son off for cursing, but we believe he was right to stand up to the woman.

The old woman tried to alert security about the incident, but the mum left the store with her three boys.

Reddit users agreed he was right.

One said, "12 is amazing and I don’t blame him. Having had my share of meltdowns thanks to ASD for my child my empathy is huge for you."

Another said, "12 sounds like he knows when the shoe fits."

"I'd have called her names myself if someone did that to my kid. They'd see the wrath of an angry momma bear."