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03rd May 2023

Irish influencer Lucy Fitz shares gruesome photos of “traumatising” dog attack

Clodagh McKeon

A very vicious dog.

Irish influencer and tattoo artist, Lucy Fitzgibbon shared gruesome photos of her leg after being brutally attack by a neighbour’s dog.

The Limerick native has been living in Barcelona for over two years now and has continued to blog her life from abroad.

Last night, the creator took to her Instagram stories to share her terrifying experience that left her and her pup Bruno “traumatised”.

Her first post was to update fans saying she was at the hospital because her neighbour’s dog “took a chunk” out of her leg.

She also shared some shocking footage from minutes after the attack happened.

She wrote: “Right in the square where we live. The dog was OFF THE LEAD even though he attacked me last year too.

“The owner is delusional and thinks her dog isn’t vicious (which he isn’t to a lot of people) but he hates me and Bruno.

“He literally locked eyes with me from about 7 metres away and just went for me??

“It was traumatising. I had Bonny in her carrier bag on my shoulder and she got loose and everything. When I got free, I ran across the square to grab her.

“The crator was petrified. Thank god for Dylan picking up Bruno a few seconds before because Bruno would 100% be gone now if he didn’t do that”.

“Keep a muzzle on your dog”

Lucy went on to say that in all her time living in the apartment, she’s always had to watch out for the animal that attacked her.

She said every time she leaves or when she’s coming home, she looks around the corner and listens to hear if he’s outside or not.

The Instagramer continued and asked followers to “please keep a muzzle” on their dogs if their dogs are even a small bit vicious.

She said “even if it happened one time before” you should have a muzzle on your pets.

Lucy even shared a photo of the dog that attacked her. He’s seen on the ground floor looking up at her and it’s quite terrifying.

She explained that every other experience she’s had with a dog of the same breed has been “gentle and sweet” but not her neighbour’s.

Lucy closed off her horrifying story time with a graphic photo of the wound.

She wrote: “Moral of the story is put a lead on your dog.

“No matter how friendly they might be, animals are animals and are unpredictable”.

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