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21st Sep 2023

Minister for Health slammed for failing to return amid Temple Street scandal

Minister Stephen Donnelly will not return to Ireland despite the ongoing crisis.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly is set to remain in New York, despite the ongoing Temple Street Hospital scandal. The Health Minister did not ask Taoiseach Varadkar if he should return from New York.

According to The Independent, Donnelly reportedly knew about the spinal surgery incidents in August.

However, he has not yet spoken to Varadkar about the ongoing crisis.

When asked if he’s returning home early, he told reporters: “My focus is on the children on the families. And that’s why the chief executive and I have agreed to broaden the review.”

“It is unspeakable. It is absolutely heartbreaking and devastating. And it should never have happened,” he added.

Families have called out the Minister for Health.

One parent wrote on Twitter, “Surely to Jesus, he would take it on himself to return. But then again these are the true colours of Senior ministers. They simply don’t care.”

“Nothing this man does could shock me as far as callousness and cowardice is concerned,” another said.

Parents have slated the Health Minister and said they will now struggle to trust Ireland’s healthcare system going forward.

One reader shared, “I have no confidence in them at all. It is criminal.”

“This is a total mess. I feel sorry for the children and their families,” another reader said.

Earlier this week, the HSE confirmed an external review will take place after an internal review identified 19 “serious spinal surgical incidents”.

A UK expert will now review the cases of one consultant at CHI Temple Street after it was confirmed that patients had suffered post-operative complications.

CHI Ireland will contact all patients and their families who are waiting for spinal surgeries. Anyone concerned about the review can contact the spinal surgery helpline on 01 409 6117.