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16th Feb 2023

Parents protest outside school after bars are put on toilets

Kat O'Connor

“Toilets are a human right”

Parents have held a protest outside a school in England after prison-like bars were placed on the toilets.

Protestors gathered outside The Discovery Academy in Stoke-on-Trent on Thursday morning.

Up to 70 pupils joined the protest this morning.

The school has come under fire after they installed bars on the school toilets. It is believed the school received multiple complaints from parents after the bars were installed.

They said the bars go against the children’s human rights.

Others also expressed concerns about female pupils who will need access to the bathroom during lessons.

They said pupils should not be restricted when it comes to using the bathroom.

One parent told Metro that their child has been stopped from using the bathroom twice.

The dad said, “Toilets are a human right. It’s a school for children, not a prison. People are here because they’re angry.”

Another mum wrote on Facebook;

“My daughter has a toilet pass and a doctor’s note and she asked to use the bathroom but she got told no.”

Parents claimed the bathroom barriers are only open during lunch and break time.

Following the backlash, the AAT stated that pupil’s education always comes first.

They said sticking to allocated toilet breaks will benefit pupils.

Metro reported, “We encourage students to go to the toilet at regular set times during the day and support those with medical needs by accessing toilets at any time.”