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17th May 2022

“The worst thing was finding her”: Family of Santina Cawley pay tribute to toddler

Kat O'Connor

Santina died from blunt force trauma on July 5th, 2019.

The family of Santina Cawley has spoken out about the toddler’s death.

Yesterday, Karen Harrington (38) was found guilty of murdering Santina Cawley.

She was involved with Santina’s father Michael at the time of her death.

Michael Cawley said he will never recover from finding his daughter in such a horrifying state.

In a victim impact statement, the dad said: “The worst thing was finding her disfigured body under a blanket.

“I will be haunted by this horror for the remainder of my life.

“This is beyond words. I have no words. The trial is a difficult process.

“Having to listen to graphic details of what happened to Santina but a necessary one.”

2-year-old Santina was remembered as a “beautiful and caring” young girl.

She was also described as a fun-loving child who loved to spend time with her siblings.

The toddler died from a traumatic brain injury on July 5th, 2019.

Santina Cawley

She suffered over 50 injuries on the night she died.

Her father added, “Everyone loved her.”

He also shared that Santina “brought joy to my heart”.

The grief-stricken dad added, “She was my pride and joy. I will always be so proud of her.”

The dad says he misses so many things about his daughter, especially her “sweet little voice”.

He also misses her smile, red hair, laugh, and her “beautiful blue eyes”.

Karen Harrington pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.

She said she would never ever harm a child, but she was the only one with Santina on the night she died.

She stressed that she did not kill Santina, but the jury found the 38-year-old guilty.

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