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29th Apr 2022

The Coombe faces backlash over “misleading” note given to expectant mum

Kat O'Connor

“That is absolutely disgraceful”

The Coombe has been hit with backlash over a note that was given to an expectant mum.

The woman was attending the hospital for an antenatal appointment.

She was expected to circle yes or no for questions about her health and baby before her appointment.

The woman’s friend shared the photo on Twitter.

She wrote, “This is being handed out in The Coombe this morning. My heavily pregnant friend travelled all the way from Naas for this. Disgraceful.”

The woman’s friend went on to share that she is in the late stages of her pregnancy.

It is believed the woman was scheduled for a full appointment but was “in and out with a doc”.

“She was literally up on the bed and back down.”

Her friend also revealed she didn’t get to give a urine sample or any other checks.

Better Maternity Care campaigner Linda Kelly called the hospital out over the misleading note.

She tweeted, “Utterly appalled at this note being handed to pregnant women attending antenatal appointments in the Coombe.

“Bad enough that they have to attend alone but now they can’t speak to a medical professional? Is this the quality of service?”

One woman tweeted, “Wow. This country’s disdain for women continues to surprise me even though, at this stage, I really shouldn’t be surprised.”

However, The Coombe has stressed that women are given this form before they meet with their doctor or midwife.

It has also vowed to remove the note.

“The Coombe would like to make clear that every woman attending antenatal appointments sees a doctor or midwife. We acknowledge the note was misleading and it has been withdrawn.”