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07th Jul 2022

Parents told to stop leaving their babies alone in cars

Kat O'Connor

This happens more often during the summer months.

Parents in Ireland have been warned against leaving their babies in cars.

The warning comes after firefighters in Cork were called multiple times about babies being unattended in cars.

Parents may believe it is okay to do so for a few minutes, but the risks are just too severe.

Children could suffer from a range of issues including heat stroke or dehydration.

Cork City Fire Brigade said they’ve received numerous calls about babies being left alone in cars. Concerned members of the public have been alerting emergency services, especially during the summer months.

They told the Cork Echo about the increase in these concerning incidents.

“When an infant or small child starts crying in a car after being left alone things tend to get very dramatic, very quickly.

“Oftentimes we will have to do a forceful entry using specialised equipment to break the window of the car.”

“The bystander is sometimes frustrated knowing what trouble they could get into if they try to gain access to the vehicle.

But the bystander is more often than not simply trying to help.

The fire brigade’s presence adds authority to these serious situations. They’re also professionally trained to cope with them, unlike a member of the public.

As temperatures continue to rise this summer, firefighters are urging parents not to leave their children alone in cars.

It may seem like nothing could go wrong if you’re just flying into the shop, but they stressed that anything could go wrong within a few seconds.

And it simply isn’t worth the risk.