Is this mum's no gift policy too harsh or a good idea? 9 months ago

Is this mum's no gift policy too harsh or a good idea?

Is this a good idea or is the mum making a mistake?

One mum has started quite the debate after revealing she has a 'no-gift' policy for her son's birthday.

She explained that children already get too many toys and presents, so has asked his friends not to bring a gift to his upcoming birthday party.

The mum said that her son is turning three and has 25 other children attending his party.

"Is it ok to ask that no gifts be given by the other children?" she asked.

She said that she will give her son a couple of gifts for his special day.

"I find the flood of gifts for birthdays and Xmas these days completely overwhelming.


The mum added, "I don't want it to become the norm for my child. We already have so much."

Her post has really divided people, but many felt the mum was being extremely mean.

"It's not about you but your child, how will they feel when all their other friends get presents on their birthdays? What about when they are invited to other parties and you take a present and he'll wonder why he didn't get any?"

Another said, "I think it's mean and will make people feel uncomfortable."

"It's part of the fun. You could let him unwrap them but sneak a few away for charity?" one suggested.

Another shared, "I don't see a problem with that, to be honest! I'd ask the same, it's not as if there won't be any gifts whatsoever just not from friends. Them attending the party would be the gift."

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