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04th Jan 2019

This Norwegian mum has serious hair braiding skills and you need to follow her

Melissa Carton

These are some serious braid goals.

For the last few years I was a boy mum so the only braids happening in my house were on my own head.

Now I have a little girl who is obsessed with her little bit of hair and I know once it properly comes in she will want in styled all the time.

Cue me hitting Instagram for inspiration and finding it in a big way.

Studio Hilde is an amazing Instagram page run by one Norwegian mum on a mission to create beautiful hairstyles.

The self-taught braider from Norway is a mother of two girls and has amassed a whopping 88,000 followers!

The incredibly intricate braids prove popular with her fan base with many commenting;

“Always amazing Hilde!”

“Stunning as always!”

Many of her followers have asked her to post tutorial videos which I would love because there isn’t a hope of me figuring out how to do any of these styles without assistance.

Hilde has already posted her first braided look of 2019 so head over to her Instagram page if you want to see some spectacular hair.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to practice my French braid.