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14th Oct 2017

NY law says parents could face jail time if their child is a bully

Louise Carroll

The new law came into effect after a Facebook page was set up by a mother advocating for it.

Parents in a New York town could face jail if their child is deemed a bully under the newly passed law.

Under this new anti-bullying law, parents could potentially be fined $250 and sentenced to 15 days in jail. According to ABC News, North Tonawanda City Attorney, Luke Brown said that parents could face punishment is their kids violate any of the city’s laws including curfew and bullying.

Mum, Victoria Crago initially set up a Facebook page, gathering support for the law to come into play after witnessing her 13-year-old son being attacked by a bully.

“This young man just sucker-punched him right in the face and hit him as hard as he could. What really alarmed me about the situation was the brazen act of violence in front of a parent.

“It was really traumatic for both of us.”

Her upset and anger attracted parents to the Facebook page. In turn, this encouraged law makers to pass the anti-bullying bill in an attempt to put pressure on parents to take action if their child is bullying.

“In reality, what we’re looking for is to engage the parents in the process and try and work on a solution,” said Brown.