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02nd Jul 2018

Parents breathe sigh of relief as boys trapped in cave for ten days are found alive

Melissa Carton

The boys had been missing for ten days.

The parents of twelve boys who were trapped in a cave for over a week were overjoyed today when their children were found alive.

The young boys and their football coach became trapped in the caves in Thailand when a monsoon flooded the area.

Expert divers were at the scene and were relentless in their efforts to bring the children home safely.

Less than an hour ago the good news broke that all of the boys and their coach had been retrieved from the cave.

As a parent myself, I watched this news story with bated breath hoping for a good outcome and I am delighted for all the families involved that they can bring their loved ones home safe and sound.

A lot of thanks is owed to the brave divers who risked their own safety to bring about this happy ending.