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19th Mar 2015

Parents revolt as Lego magazine offers beauty tips to girls

Magazine tells children how to look "even prettier"

Katie Mythen-Lynch

The Lego company has come under fire after a series of beauty tips aimed at little girls was published in one of their children’s magazines.

Parents have reacted with outrage after the piece appeared in the latest issue of US Lego Club Magazine. It features Lego character Emma explaining to readers about how to get their hair cut: “You, yes YOU are beautiful, but if you’re ready to change up your look, read on for some tips and tricks on how to get the best haircut for the shape of your face,”


The advice continues: “For heart faces, deep side parts accentuate your lovely eyes. Long, curly layers and thinned out curls and bangs also play up your angular cheeks.”


Other tips that have enraged parents who looked to Lego as one of few makers of ‘genderless’ toys, include “Experiment with bows, barretttes and headbands” and “When you blow-dry your hair, apply heat serum”.

The magazine’s target market is children aged between seven and twelve. Parents were quick to make their feelings known, with many pointing out on social media that children under 12 rarely have a say in how their hair is cut or styled and should not be giving it any thought.




Explaining the editorial decision to Mashable, Michael McNally, senior director of brand relations at Lego Systems, said the brand is taking the reaction into consideration: “We sincerely regret any disappointment it may have caused.” he said. ”

We value this feedback and have already shared with the Lego Club team in order to positively impact future stories.”

Here is the offending piece in full…

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