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04th Apr 2016

Irish Mammies Prove To Be Hilarious Yet Again!

Sharyn Hayden

I can’t wait until you watch this video – you’ll laugh, you’ll cry.. and then you’ll wonder whether you can borrow this mammy for future family events of your own.

Traditionally in Ireland, women didn’t really speak during the speeches at their own weddings.

The job of telling funny stories about the couple fell to the best man, and sentimental stories about the individuals getting married usually fell to the father’s of both the bride and groom.

The bride herself, and certainly the Mothers of either the bride or groom, were never expected to speak.

Things have changed now, thankfully, but this Irish mammy has really taken her ‘few words’ to a whole new level by performing this ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’-inspired rap at her son’s wedding!

I love her, I love the effort she’s put into it and I LOVE that she has personalised the words to suit the occasion.

Check her out here:

I hope she’s available to take a few bookings!

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