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26th Feb 2024

Rosanna Davison gets honest about the strain of mom guilt

Kat O'Connor

Rosanna Davison said she was struggling with mom guilt

Rosanna Davison has opened up about how her time on Dancing with the Stars affected her parenting.

The mum-of-three was the latest celebrity to lose out on Dancing with the Stars but Rosanna said she’s looking forward to spending more time with her children.

Following her exit from the show, she said: “I have three children under five who really need me at home.

“I’m beginning to feel the strain of that. It’s been a really difficult week,” Rosanna said.

The mum admitted she was struggling with mum guilt a lot during the last week.

“There’s been lots of mum guilt,” the influencer said.

As disappointed as she was, the mum said she had an incredible time on the show.

“I’m so grateful to make it to week eight, to orchestra week but I have three little children who need me more than I need to be up there and I think the time is right, as much as I would have loved to stay to the end I’m so happy with the journey we have had to far.”

Fans of the show praised Rosanna for being so open and honest about mum guilt because it’s something so many parents struggle with.

One fan wrote: “So gutted you’re gone but so proud of what you’ve achieved and hope you are too!! The journey you’ve had has been incredible.”

“You were absolutely brilliant you gave it your all and the kiddies will be so proud of their mummy,” said another.