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20th Feb 2024

Saoirse Ruane’s mum issues update after social media break

Kat O'Connor

The mother of Saoirse Ruane has issued an update after taking a break from social media.

Roseanna has often shared updates about Saoirse’s cancer diagnosis on her Instagram but has been taking a break from social media.

She explained to her followers that they’re forever grateful for the waves of support they receive.

The mum wrote, “Our absence has been felt and we are so grateful to each of you for checking in on us and for all the love you send our way.

“We really miss our daily engagement with you all but we’ll be back when the time is right,” she added.

Roseanna confirmed that they’re doing their best to focus on their own world at the moment.

“Amongst the chaos of the world and all the sadness that’s out there, we are focusing on what’s inside our four walls and hugging each other tight,” she wrote.

The mum also asked the public to keep her daughter Saoirse in their thoughts and prayers.

“We ask again for your prayers for Saoírse. Chat to you all again soon,” she concluded.

The update comes after it was revealed that Saoirse’s cancer had spread to her other lung.

In a post in November, the mum confirmed that they received some heartbreaking news just before Christmas.

“Unfortunately along with the excitement we received some devastating news yesterday at Saoírse’s review.

“It’s been three months since her last review and while her tumour in her left lung is relatively static, yesterday’s CT scan shows her cancer has now spread to her other lung.
This came as a huge shock to us as Saoírse has been doing so well.”

“4 diagnosis in 4 years is very hard to take,” she added.

We’re keeping Saoirse Ruane and her family in our thoughts during this heartbreaking time.



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