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07th Jul 2023

Toy Show star Saoirse Ruane is ‘tolerating’ chemotherapy well

Toy Show star Saoirse Ruane is doing well amid her cancer treatment, her mum has confirmed.

Saoirse Ruane’s mum Roseanna said they had an appointment at Crumlin Children’s Hospital this week. The mother and daughter travelled up from Galway on Wednesday.

“We took a little trip to Crumlin on Wednesday for a meeting with Saoirse’s consultant,” her mum shared following the appointment.

Roseanna said they have nothing new to report, but that Saoirse is doing well.

“Nothing new to report only he is very happy she is tolerating her chemo drug well.”

Roseanna and her family confirmed Saoirse’s cancer was back earlier this year. This is the third time the young girl has battled cancer, but Roseanna said she is being incredibly brave and positive during such a heartbreaking time.

Saoirse was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 7. She was then diagnosed with lung cancer aged 10. Earlier this year, doctors found another tumour.

The update comes after the family adopted an adorable Bernese Mountain dog. Roseanna said Saoirse has been asking for a puppy for six years and they finally made her dreams come true.

Her mum said they spend months preparing to adopt their dog Willow and surprised Saoirse earlier this summer with the adorable pup.

“We spent four months having little private discussions, asking friends for advice, figuring out what dog could work for us and then… everyone’s surprise…..The timing just felt right!

“Making our family complete!” her mum wrote.