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06th Oct 2021

School Run News: Taoiseach vows to tackle issue of violence against women in Ireland

Kat O'Connor

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At Home: Taoiseach vows to tackle issue of violence against women in Ireland

An Taoiseach has vowed to tackle the issue of violence against women in Ireland.

During a tribute to the family of Nadine Lott, Micheál Martin said her family, especially her mum Claire, were so brave to stand up in court.

“Her victim impact statement reveals the full horror, trauma, and brutality of domestic violence and it must move us to deal with this on a societal-wide basis.”

He said everything must be done to prevent violence against women in Ireland.

He added. “We must inoculate our society at the earliest stages so there is a complete intolerance of such behaviour.”

Martin confirmed the Government will invest more in supporting victims, raising awareness, and preventing violence against women.

UCC food bank supplies run out in less than an hour

Students were sadly turned away from UCC’s food bank after supplies ran out in 50 minutes.

It is believed students are struggling to feed themselves due to increases in rent.

The student union expressed their heartache over the struggles they are facing.

UCC Student Union President Asha Woodhouse tweeted, “Heartbreaking to not have enough and to see so many students experiencing food insecurity.”

She called on Simon Harris to make major changes.

Two children are becoming homeless every day in Ireland

Social Democrats TD Cian O’Callaghan has told the Dáil that two children become homeless every day in Ireland.

O’Callaghan asked Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien if he could commit to Focus Ireland’s aim of ending homelessness by 2030.

“The latest figures show the number of children and families living in emergency accommodation is increasing.

“There are more than 8,000 people living in emergency accommodation.”

Minister O’Brien said he will assess Focus Ireland’s request.

Covid: 10 virus outbreaks linked to Irish schools this month

10 Covid outbreaks occurred in schools this month.

9 of the outbreaks occurred in primary schools. It is believed one outbreak was linked to a school bus.

A Covid outbreak means two cases were confirmed, but it does not mean infection necessarily occurred in the area.

A total of 984 cases were confirmed in the Republic of Ireland last night.

Celebrity: Jesy Nelson’s mum told her to leave Little Mix after attempting suicide

Jesy Nelson’s mum asked her to leave Little Mix in 2013 after attempting suicide.

It is believed the singer took an overdose of pills.

She told Fearne Cotton her mother was “distraught”.

“My mum found out and she was distraught and she was outright ‘this is it, you’re not doing this anymore.’”

“She was like, ‘No. This isn’t happening anymore.”

“I didn’t know what to do at the time because it was very early stages of Little Mix as well,” Nelson confessed.

The Brit award winner eventually left the band in December 2020.