Six swimming coaches fall pregnant... at the SAME TIME 7 years ago

Six swimming coaches fall pregnant... at the SAME TIME

A babies swimming class could be a little over capacity this year... after more than half its staff fell pregnant at the same time. 

Six out of the 10 staff at Turtle Tots swimming pool in Edinburgh are expecting within four months of each other, five of them preparing to welcome their second child.

Business Director Karina Reinhardt, who is expecting her third baby, told The Edinburgh News:

“Watching babies in the water every day with their parents just makes us broody.

“It’s such a lovely environment and I think it just makes us all want to experience it again.

“Everyone finds it funny that we all seem to have fallen pregnant at the same time.

“We just keep adding someone else to the pregnancy list.

Karina added:


“We hold aquanatal yoga classes for pregnant woman and we were all joking that there would be no room left in the class for anyone else.

“I think some of the staff were nervous about telling me they were expecting but we are a really supportive team.”

A seventh member of the Turtle Tots team, Katy, is currently on maternity leave after giving birth to a baby boy, Samuel.