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15th Aug 2023

Stacey Solomon praises eldest son Zach as ‘third parent’ on recent family trip to turkey


“It’s honestly hard to believe that I had Zach just two years older than he is now”

Stacey Solomon has praised her eldest son, Zach, and joked that he was like the ‘third parent’ on their recent family trip to Turkey.

The star took to Instagram on Monday to heap praise on her eldest child for his support during her 10 day trip abroad.

Stacey has been posting regular updates – much to the delight of her fans – from her luxurious holiday including photos of the family heading out to dinner and enjoying the hotel’s stunning amenities.

In her latest post, she showed her 15-year-old looking after his younger siblings in a number of short clips.

First, the teenager is seen escorting his two-year-old sister, Rose, up the stairs to board the plane.


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In a second clip, he is seen helping to dress his youngest sister, Belle, and another showed Zach spinning the youngster around in the swimming pool.

Stacey captioned the post: “He’s like a third parent who’s much more fun than us, nothing is ever too much, and we have a lot to contend with but he takes it all in his stride.

“It’s honestly hard to believe that I had Zach just two years older than he is now & he’s a better person than I ever was at that age!”

Knowing the response she was likely to get from trolls online, Stacey quickly shut down any semblance of favouritism.

She wrote: “Before anyone starts. We love all of my children the same amount.

“But at different times in our lives they all show their unique, special personalities & it just is so amazing to see & celebrate.”