One parent is better at gift-giving - can you guess which one? 5 years ago

One parent is better at gift-giving - can you guess which one?

Research has shown that the majority of people prefer Christmas gifts from their mothers, and do not like buying for, or receiving, gifts from their fathers.

So dodgy is the average dad gift (given or received) that most people would rather buy for their pets than their dear old dad.

A survey conducted by gifting website revealed that mother really does know best when it comes to festive buying, with fathers falling short in terms of their present-buying skills, as well as being difficult to buy for.

Over ten per cent of participants look forward to receiving a gift from their mum, and a measly two per cent from their dads.

Parents are not the only ones who are setting the bar high. The majority of those asked have put their partners on a pedestal when it comes to Christmas gifts.  More than 30 per cent of people asked most look forward to receiving gifts from their partners.


However, it seems men prefer buying for their partners compared to women. Only 18 per cent of women enjoy buying for their spouses, compared to almost 35 per cent of men.

Unfortunately, fathers are not the only people who have a bad reputation. Results have shown that very few of us enjoy buying, or receiving gifts from our grandparents with only 0.45 per cent of those asked saying that they enjoyed buying or receiving presents from their Nana or Grandad.

Unsurprisingly, buying gifts for children is everyone's favourite Christmas pastime, with 40 per cent of the vote.