Mum gets the fright of her life after cheap tea-lights set house on fire 9 months ago

Mum gets the fright of her life after cheap tea-lights set house on fire

The small candle caused a fire to break out at her home.

A mum has issued a warning after a fire broke out at her home when her kids were asleep.

She explained that she had lit a tealight in her bathroom before running herself a bath.

When she went back to the bathroom, she spotted black smoke coming out of the door.

Writing on Facebook, she said she had to call the fire brigade "whilst my children were asleep".

"Around 7.30 pm I lit a new candle in my bathroom, as I do every evening before I have a bath, which I have done for the last year with the same product.

"However tonight I used a new set of tea lights, within 30 minutes of the candle being lit my smoke alarm sounded.


"I walked to the hallway where I could see smoke coming through the closed doorway.


She said the bathroom was full of thick, black smoke. She couldn't see a thing.

Luckily, the firefighters were able to get the fire under control and nobody was harmed.

However, the small tealight left behind major damage.

"I've had the fright of my life tonight and now left with having to try and clean and redecorate in the days to come.

The mum said she was incredibly shaken after the fire.

She has urged anyone who uses the candles to stop immediately because they might not be as lucky as she was.

Firefighters have warned families to use flameless LED candles instead of real ones.

Far too many house fires are caused by something as small as a tealight.

Dublin Fire Brigade has previously warned the public against tealight candles. They have stressed that LED candles are far safer.