The most common regret brides have about the day of their wedding 4 years ago

The most common regret brides have about the day of their wedding

A lot of brides feel the same way.

Our readers love weddings, whether it's them getting married, celebrities tying the knot or just finding out what goes into making the 'big day' so special.

However, sometimes things can go wrong through no fault of the bride or groom or anyone really, these things just happen.

When people were asked what they would change if they could do it all again, there was a rather common answer.

A major regret shared on many wedding forums is not having a videographer and if these brides were doing it all over again, they would try to budget for one.

Many brides say that while photos are amazing, a video allows you to relive one of the most special days you'll ever have all over again.

This is a common regret and having a videographer is a tip that many wedding planners and experts would recommend.


Moments like the first dance, getting ready beforehand in the big lead-up, your parents seeing you in your wedding gown, the details of the dress, the vows, greeting guests as man and wife, (we could go on but you get the drift) are so much more vivid when captured on video as many brides can attest to.

One bride described it very well in conversation with Easy Weddings Australia:

"My sister captured a few seconds of our vows on her mobile phone. It’s shaky and it’s cut-off before we finish the vows, but it’s the only video I have of my vows. I’d love to have seen them as everyone else saw them and we both really wish we’d splurged on a videographer".

"Our photos provide wonderful memories, but secretly, I wish I had a video of our ceremony and my father-daughter dance with my Dad, too".

You can see her point so if you're in the throes of wedding planning and your budget is giving you a major headache, you might want to see if there's a space for a videographer. It's a hard decision we know but those precious memories will stay with you the rest of your life and that's why people argue it's money well spent.

A flower/doughnut wall? Possibly less so.