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26th Aug 2016

These Amazing DIY Store Workers Built A Custom Walker For A Little Boy

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A group of Texas Home Depot employees put their heads together to help solve a problem for a very special young customer this week. 

The workers were determined to help mum Jessica Johnson, whose two-year-old son Silus was born with Norrie Disease, an inherited eye disorder that leads to blindness in male infants at birth or soon after birth.

Having outgrown commercial infant walkers, Silus could not get around on his own, leaving Jessica and her family desperate for an answer.

When Silus’ grandfather spoke to Home Depot assistant manager Matthew Spencer about an idea he had to build his grandson a custom walker, Spencer decided to take matters into his own hands and rounded up team members Eric Bindel and Chris Wright to help, working on the project on their days off.

The mum told Love What Matters:

“I have to give a shout out to Home Depot and I knew you all would appreciate it. These gentlemen from the Home Depot in North Richland Hills, Texas built my sweet Silus a custom walker to help him get around since he is too big for the ones in stores. My son was born blind due to a genetic disorder called Norrie Disease.

He will be 3 in November and still does not walk. They did this out of the kindness of their hearts and asked for nothing in return! I have no idea how I would ever repay them! My heart is so full.”

Speaking to Fox 4, Bindel recalled the moment Silus got to try out his new walker:

“As soon as we put him in there, it was just really cool. He started feeling around on it. You could tell he was happy. He was excited.

“He started laughing and then started using his little feet to push himself backwards. I had a big smile. Everybody had a big smile, maybe a couple little tears here and there.”

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Main image: Jessica Johnson