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10th Jun 2019

This adorable little girl has extremely rare hair and it’s absolutely amazing

Melissa Carton

We all have days where we feel like we can’t get a comb through our hair, but for one little girl this is always the case.

Taylor Lynn from Chicago has an extremely rare condition called Uncombable Hair Syndrome, which causes her hair to stand on end rather than lying flat.

The condition is so unique that there have only been roughly 100 documented cases of UHS worldwide.

UHS happens when a person inherits two copies of a gene mutation, one from each parent, that changes the shape of the hair shaft to a heart or kidney-shape, rather than the typical round shape of most people.

Taylor’s mum Cara set up the Facebook page Baby Einstein 2.0 to help raise awareness of the condition and spread the message of body positivity.

The page currently has over 3,000 followers and is growing every day.

Talking to Buzzfeed News, Taylor’s mum gushed about how cool her hair is.

“Her hair looks amazing, like she’s a mini Albert Einstein. It can be placed in a pony tail that will often stick straight up through the top of her head.”

They first noticed how different was when she was just a baby.

“It was a little unique, it was fuzzy, and we expected that it would eventually fall out,that never happened.”

Most people diagnosed with UH have silvery or fair coloured hair that is prone to being dry and frizzy.

Although they will always have the mutation, some people have outgrown the symptoms as they get older, and their hair quality changes over time, but this isn’t the case for everyone and some with UHS will always have fluffy hair.

Having grown up with frizzy curls that like to do their own thing I have an inkling of what Taylor and her mum have to deal with on a daily basis.

Taylor’s family hope that she will love herself and her unique hair and that the world will too, but with that absolutely adorable face who wouldn’t melt for her?

If you’d like to follow Taylor and her mum Cara and find out more about UHS, you can over on their fan page.

Title image via Facebook