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13th Sep 2022

Bake Off is back tonight and it’s exactly what we need in our lives

Kat O'Connor

Bake Off is back!

The world has been a lot lately. Between the never-ending bad news, the darker evenings, and living through one historical event after another, it’s all just been a little too much for our minds to handle.

Every day we’re being hit with headlines about the cost of living crisis, soaring rents, and 101 other grim reports.

It’s safe to say we could all use a little joy in our lives right now.

And thankfully, Channel 4 has us covered.

The Great British Bake Off is returning tonight and we honestly cannot wait.

We can all safely agree that a show like Bake Off is exactly what we need in our lives right now. It’s joyful, harmless, and easy to watch. It quietens the dozens of thoughts whirling around in your mind and lets you destress, even if it is just for an hour on a Tuesday night.

Bake Off is a comfort for many and a show that brings us together. For once, our Twitter feeds won’t be full of people arguing or sharing their hot takes about whatever is in the news. It’ll be full of people talking about brownies, victoria sponge cakes, and Noel Fielding’s jumper collection.

Bake Off is exactly what we knead (yes, I went there) after everything we’ve been tackling lately.

It isn’t going to magically wash all of our problems and worries away but it is a comfort we could all do with right now.

The Great British Bake Off returns tonight on Channel 4 at 8 pm.