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18th Feb 2022

Is it wrong to bring uninvited children to a child’s birthday party?

Kat O'Connor

Is it wrong to bring uninvited children to a birthday party?

One mum is facing quite the dilemma after a mum brought her uninvited children to her child’s birthday party.

Their sibling was invited to the party, but she brought the rest of her kids along.

She wrote, “Now I know some people have to bring siblings and ask in advance. However, I know this person doesn’t ask, as they brought their older sibling to my child’s party a few weeks ago and didn’t ask.

“I had made packed lunches, so I didn’t have extra boxes. In fact, they didn’t even say when arriving.”

The mum said the uninvited child was extremely rude during the party.

They even demanded lunch and a party bag.

She explained that the other mum was completely oblivious.

At another party, the same child, who was 5 years older than the birthday girl, took prizes from the other guests.

Other mums agreed that it was extremely unfair to bring uninvited guests.

“I hate this new thing of siblings coming to parties. Parents wouldn’t do it at any other event so don’t do it at a kid’s party. If we wanted siblings there we would state it on the invite. Don’t just invite whoever you want to someone else’s party.”

Another agreed, “I’ve had this too, I ran out of party bags for my child’s friends because of unexpected siblings taking them.

“People still bring siblings without asking. It’s annoying, especially when the activity isn’t suitable for their ages. I now put on the invite a message about no siblings. People still show up with them!” one shared.

However, other parents said the mum should be more understandable. Many of us don’t know what someone is dealing with at home. They could be a single parent or dealing with a separation or can’t afford a babysitter.

However, another said some parents can be extremely cheeky.

“People need to step up and say “sorry it is invited children only if that means x (invited child) won’t be able to make it that will be a shame.”

What do you think?