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08th Apr 2022

Bride dubbed ‘the devil’ after strict dress code for wedding day

Katy Brennan

“Basically, everyone was outraged.”

It goes without saying that a lot of planning goes into a wedding. And naturally, many brides have a vision and certain expectations around how they want their big day to go.

But when do those expectations become a little too much?

US bride Samantha Twist has come under fire a creating a pretty strict dress code for her wedding guests, asking everyone to wear a pastel coloured outfit to match on the day.

Taking to TikTok, Samantha explained why she sent a colour dress code to guests along with their invitations.

@samanthatwist Reposting because it’s about to be #weddingplanning season again. #weddingtiktok #weddingattire #weddingcolourtheme #weddingguestoutfit @samanthatwist #dresscode ♬ Don’t Text Me When You’re Drunk – Stacey Ryan & Zai1k

“I posted on our website some examples, and just said ‘hey I would like it if you could wear something like this,'” she said.

She showed an image of her written request to guests, which read: “What should I wear? Our theme colors are pink, black and near neutrals, if you are interested in color matching. But most importantly wear something you feel beautiful in!”

It also stated what colours people shouldn’t wear to the wedding, including “red, orange, yellow and obviously any shades of white.”

What Samantha thought was a fairly reasonable request did not go down well.

“Basically everyone was outraged,” she explained. “I got some much crap for posting this, one of my aunties if I care so much about what she wears she’s just not going to show up.

“My mother-in-law was calling my husband saying ‘What the heck is with Sam? Does she not understand that people don’t have money to buy whole new outfits.”

“Everyone basically thought I was the devil for asking them to wear near neutrals, although I think most people have grey or beige or navy blue in wardrobe.”

Samantha’s TikTok has since gained significant attention with over half a million views – and viewers were left divided. Some people called her a “bridezilla” and even accused her of being classist, while others defended her choice.

“I personally think it’s ridiculous. The people attending aren’t there to be your decor,” one person said.

“It’s an important day for you but it’s a normal day for everyone else. Chill a bit. It’s more important that people come to have fun and celebrate with you,” another wrote.

“If you want to decide my outfit, you’ll need to pay for it,” a third said.

Meanwhile, a fourth spoke up in her defence: “It’s your wedding, I’d do whatever you want. Why are people so mad? Make the bride and groom happy, it’s their day!”