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14th Mar 2022

Mum divides TikTok with “strict” parenting rules that include paying rent from the age of 16

Laura Grainger

What do you think? Smart or strict?

A mum has divided TikTok viewers by uploading a video detailing her parenting rules.

Responding to another clip on the social media platform asking parents to share the household rules they have that others may not agree with, Fawna, who goes by the username @tru_n8v, shared the controversial rules her kids have had to follow.

She said that while she allows her kids to curse once they turn 13, they can only use profanities in certain contexts and cannot disrespect adults.

Other rules include addressing adults as “Sir” and “Ma’am”, and when they were younger, they weren’t allowed to speak to their mum until she had her morning coffee.

“None of them were allowed to bother me, talk to me, touch me, nothing until after I had my first cup of coffee,” she revealed, adding: “Yes, they followed that rule and yes, they’re fine.”

What commenters found most controversial, however, were the rules Fawna’s kids must follow from the age of 16.

“At the age of 16, they’re required to get a job, a driver’s license, and then they have to start paying ‘rent,'” she said.

She went on to explain this “rent” money will be saved by her until they choose to move out and get their own place, at which point she’ll give it back to them.

“I’ll return all the rent they paid to me over the months or over the years and they’ll have a nice nest to start,” she said.

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Commenters were divided on this, with some feeling like it was too much responsibility and others claiming it was a great way to prepare teens for adulthood.

“The only thing I PERSONALLY don’t like about the rent thing is that as a parent its our job to provide for them we are supposed to save money for them,” one user wrote.

“I agree with all, but I wouldn’t start the rent until they were 18, especially if they played sports or did performing arts stuff and couldn’t keep a job or they’d have to put leave of absences in during certain times of the year,” another said.

Further comments praised the mum for the rule.

“I never liked the idea of parents making kids pay rent, but I like your method of giving it back to them!” someone commented.

“I like the rent idea. Makes them responsible with their $$,” another agreed, while a different user added: “I wish my parents did this.”