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18th May 2023

Mum fighting for her life after collapsing at a Turkish airport

Clodagh McKeon

She’s in a coma.

A woman who thought she had heatstroke and collapsed in Turkey airport is now fighting for her life in hospital.

Melissa Kinsella was holidaying in Turkey with her partner Jay Smith and his family and three kids –  Chloe, Beau and Romi.

The group was set to return home from Turkey on Monday but Melissa suddenly had a seizure at the airport.

This caused her heart to stop and she was rushed to the nearest hospital where she’s now in a coma and unable to breathe on her own.

Doctors told the family that Melissa had swelling on her brain and heart.

They said they have to wait until that swelling goes down to do further tests or surgery.

Melissa has never had any health issues before this and to her family’s knowledge, has no underlining illnesses.

One of Melissa’s friends said she had been complaining a few days prior thinking she had heatstroke.

Rebecca Dath told Liverpool Echo: “She was vomiting, felt unwell and that was the day before.

“When she got to the airport, she had a seizure and collapsed. That’s been it since, she has been in intensive care on life support in Turkey.

“Doctors don’t know what has caused it, but she has swelling on the brain and swelling on her heart. Missy’s mum and dad were holidaying in Turkey in another area with Missy’s auntie and uncles and partner.”

The Turkish hospital where Melissa is being treated is charging her family €1,800 a day.

This is leaving her family in financial difficulty and so they’ve set up a GoFundMe page to raise money in order to bring Melissa home.

Her family are hoping to raise enough money to bring her home via air ambulance – you can donate here.