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22nd Apr 2023

Mum issues warning after TikTok cleaning hack caused fire

Kat O'Connor

The TikTok hack caused a fire to break out

A mum in Liverpool has issued a warning about a dangerous TikTok cleaning hack.

We may have found some incredible tricks and tips that make our houses gleam, but this one must be avoided.

She explained that she soaked sponges in fabric softener and water before placing them in her tumble dryer.

The tumble dryer hack resulted in a fire breaking out overnight when Hailee and her family were sleeping.

The mum said her family is lucky to be alive.

“This is the first time I ever used it and I’ve never had a problem with my dryer in any way, shape, or form,” the mum explained.

“We were woken up this morning to the house filled with smoke,” she revealed.

Hailee shared that the dryer was smoking and on fire throughout the entire night.

@haileeclarke87Please share! We where so lucky! ##soreadawareness ##housefire ##cleanwithhailee ##fyp♬ original sound – Hailee??✨

“It was burning slowly. It was absolutely terrifying,” she admitted in the TikTok video.

“We are very lucky to be alive,” she added.

The mum urged fellow TikTok users to be extremely cautious when trying hacks and tips from the app. A lot of the people on there are not experts and the hacks they’re sharing may cause more harm than good.

Hailee and her family are so lucky the fire didn’t spread further than the dryer.

It is always best to be cautious and do your research before trying hacks, especially like the one Hailee tried.

Her video is a stark reminder that you should never leave your dryer running when you’re asleep or away from your home. Turn it off at night time or when you’re leaving the house.