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26th Sep 2021

Woman returns to Zara in a jumpsuit after getting stuck trying it on

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It happens the best of us.

There’s nothing we love more than spending every last cent in Zara buying clothes we absolutely do not need, but this woman’s experience is a lot more different than ours.

Heading into the high street store, one woman found a jumpsuit she immediately knew she wanted, but by the end of her time with it, she didn’t want to ever see it again.

Sharing on TikTok, Isabel Roberts’s mum had tried on the printed jumpsuit at home and immediately regretted ever putting it on.

Getting trapped in the outfit because of a faulty zip, she went to great lengths to get out of the jumpsuit, heading straight to Zara still in it and got them to deal with it.

@isabelrobinsHer face when it was finally unzipped ? ##fy ##fyp ##needawee ##funny ##zara ##running ##trapped♬ Nobody – Mitski

Asking one of the shop assistants to help untangle her from the mess, you can almost feel her relief as she is finally free from the zip.

We then get a glimpse of her mum heading to the queue for refunds and exchanges, returning the jumpsuit and honestly, we don’t blame her for not wanting to keep it.

Of course, something like this was bound to blow up on TikTok, with others in the comments praising Isabel’s mum and thanking her for the laughs.

One person simply put: “What an iconic lady,” with another saying: “I’m dead!”

“It’s such a shame because it looks awesome on her!” a third said, with a fourth adding: “Zara’s zips are terrible.”

And replying to another comment, Isabel herself said she had “honestly, nearly wet myself.”

This is definitely a story she’ll remember forever.