Parents to be given up to 5 days off work to care for sick children 11 months ago

Parents to be given up to 5 days off work to care for sick children

The aim is to improve people's work/life balance.

Parents are set to be given 5 days off work to care for their sick children.

The new legislation will be introduced in a bid to create a better work/life balance for families in Ireland.

If you have a child under the age of 12 or care for a relative, you will be able to request unpaid under this new legislation.

You will not have to give your employer notice if taking unpaid leave to care for a loved one.

Children's Minister Roderic O'Gorman is seeking Cabinet's approval today.

However, employers may ask for proof if you're taking time off to care for a sick relative. You also can't take the days in periods of less than one day.


Not only are parents being offered unpaid leave, but they will also be able to request flexible hours or reduced hours.

Workers will need to give their employer six months' notice if they want to avail of altered hours.

Your employer will need to respond within four weeks. If they decline the request then they must give an accurate reason as to why.

The new legislation also proposes an increase in the period of time a working mum can take off work when breastfeeding. Minister O'Gorman has called for this to be moved from six months to 104 weeks. Working mums can currently take a paid hour off work for up to six months if they're breastfeeding their child.

Domestic abuse victims will also be able to take leave from work under the new legislation.

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