Well known 'anti-vax' doctor is now telling parents to vaccinate their kids 4 years ago

Well known 'anti-vax' doctor is now telling parents to vaccinate their kids

The doctor that support celebrity 'anti-vaxxer' Jenny McCarthy is now telling parents they need to vaccinate their children.

Dr Jay N. Gordon, whose patients include actress Jenny McCarthy's son, whom McCarthy believes developed autism due to vaccines.

The doctor who has supported the star in the past recently put out a tweet to say that parents need to vaccinate, especially for measles.

The doctor who was once quoted as saying he feels that polio vaccinations are given for emotional reasons rather than necessity is now urging parents to make sure their children are vaccinated.


His tweet comes amid a large measles outbreak in the United States.

Many were shocked to see the doctor come out in favour of vaccinations and were quick to leave their opinion;

"Better late than never, but where was your concern about personal and public health considerations before? These outbreaks are the result of the anti-vax movement that YOU encouraged, supported, and made lost of money from."

"Cleaning up oil off a dead duck from an oil spill you helped create twenty years ago is a bad look."

Globally measles is on the rise, with outbreaks occurring even in Ireland and the World Health Organisation fears it may only get worse if parents continue to refuse vaccinations.