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19th Mar 2023

These are the WORST Mother’s Day gifts ever received

So every year we would get my mum a Turkish Delight for mother’s day. I don’t know how or why this tradition started but it was only about three years ago that she finally broke down and told us that she legit HATES Turkish Delight.

Now we have reason to believe that my dad actually manipulated the gifting system as he LOVED them and ‘took care’ of them when she secretly retched at the sight of them.


Of course, anything you gave is precious – the pasta photo frames, the highly descriptive pictures of mummy, and the handprint heart-shaped art.

But sometimes the gifts get a little on the… adventurous (and head-scratching) side.

One of our colleagues here at Her revealed that every year she and her sisters would get their mum deodorant and three golf balls.

Now, a survey of mums carried out by Aldi has revealed some of the worst mother’s day gifts – and they include an inedible homemade cake, a carton of milk, a dustpan and brush, and a photo frame with a photo that was taken out of one mum’s home by her partner, wrapped and given back to her. Lovely. Oh, and an iron.

According to the questionnaire, 70% of mums want to spend the day with their children, but 30% would prefer some alone time.

Bunches of flowers were among the most popular gift of choice for mums on Mother’s Day with 26% saying they would like extra time in bed and 18% saying they would like some help around the house.

The best gifts included handwritten poems, spa days, and holidays abroad.

(I want those kids).


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