10 ideas for a toddler's birthday party that are SO easy to do 11 months ago

10 ideas for a toddler's birthday party that are SO easy to do

Oh, toddlers.

The funnest, cutest, craziest, cuddliest, wildest and mot amazing creatures in existence.

So what could be more fun than to plan a birthday party for them that celebrates just how amazing these little people are?!

Also, mamas, the toddler years are indeed the golden phase of your party planning career, as the little guest in honor have really started developing his or her personality, and will no doubt have a thing or two to say about the party, while still being so young that you can gently "sway" them in the direction of a party theme you secretly think will be even cooler.

Here are ten party themes we think are bound to go down and absolute treat with your toddlers:

1. Peppa Pig Party

Ah, much as we (adults) all love to hate Peppa and her ear-piercingly annoying voice, you can't help but admit she makes for one cute party theme for a piggy-loving toddler.

(Image credit from here)


2. A Girly Superhero Party

Who ever said superhero parties have to be for boys only?! We are loving this super cool, super girly superhero party and now kind of want a cape of our own!


(Image credit from here)


3. Sprinkles Party

We love, love, love sprinkles and pretty much every toddler in the world does too, meaning this is one perfect party theme. Just literally douse everything in sprinkles and you are good to go.

(Images via Kojo-Designs)


4. Safari Themed Party

Boys and girls all love animals, so we think this safari themed party would work for everyone.

Stock up on tons of those little plastic safari animals that you will find by the bucket load in the euro shops, and use them for cake toppings, place card holders, table decor, you name it.

(Images via A Little Savvy Event)



5. Rainbow Themed Party

Rainbows are totally having a moment of late, and you can totally jump on the bandwagon with this sweet party theme. This party featured rainbow coloured cake, sweets, balloons, drinks and decor.

(Images via The TomKat Studio)


6. Cool Pirate Party

Pirates are a party theme classic and for good reason. Channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow with this awesome party theme, and go to town with all things pirate.

(Images via here)



7. Disney's Cars Themed Party

I have yet to meet a little boy not obsessed with Lightning McQueen, and so I think for anyone between the ages of 2 and 5, this theme will make for a "wheelie" cool party!

(Images via Branco Prata)


8. Cool Construction Themed Party

There is so much you can do with this party theme, and your tot will be the talk of all his little toddler pals with this cool construction party.

Use dumper trucks to hold the party treats and stick some mini diggers on top of your (purposefully messy) chocolate cake, and you are good to go.


(Images via Wants and Wishes Design)


9. UP Inspired Party

Blow your little tot and his/her guests away with this too-cute party theme.

(Images from here)


10. Neon Themed Party

How cool a party does this look?! And the beauty is that you can apply the neon theme to pretty much anything, from invites to cake and party favours. We are loving what these guys have done with washi tape, by the way – such a great and inexpensive way to add colour!

(Images via Hellolucky.com)


(Feature image via Kojo-Designs.com)

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