20 ways for mums to make the most out of weekends 4 years ago

20 ways for mums to make the most out of weekends

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Ah, the weekend - a time to lie in, enjoy a lazy brunch and, hang on... we have kids.

Anyone with smallies knows that:

(a) Kids get up earlier on the weekend than during the week

(b) Children are significantly louder on Sunday mornings, especially if mummy and daddy have had some wine the night before.

In our house we enjoy wrapping up and heading to the nearby farmers market. We get to stuff our faces and the children get to run about like lunatics. Win-win.

But let's be honest after playground runs and trips to the cinema sometimes it is easy to run out of ideas for something for everyone to enjoy at the weekends.

Here's our list of free and fun things to do at the weekend. If you prefer, you can send dad off to have some daddy-kids adventure time while you put your feet up for an hour, or pack up the car and share a family day together. Either way, our suggestions will make the weekend that little bit sweeter.

1.Make a family scrapbook


2. Plant a tree

3. Camp in the garden

4. Make a pizza from scratch together

5. Create a nature table

6. Hold a family talent show (yes, even Dad)

7. Catch a sunrise/sunset

8. Watch a local match together

9. Create a vegetable/herb garden


10. Go shell hunting on the nearest beach

11. Update your family height chart on a wall

12. Draw portraits of each other

13. Stage a treasure hunt

14. Fly a kite on the beach

15. Make a video together about your family life

16. Create a fairy house

17. Drive through the Irish countryside


18. Have a movie night

19. Make handprints and frame them

20. Host a snail race

You can expand your list as time and finances allow.

It won't be long before your children prefer hanging out with friends so put down those gadgets and get going. Your kids will be delighted with this weekend plan too! 

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