A mum's experience of being made redundant... while 7 months pregnant 5 years ago

A mum's experience of being made redundant... while 7 months pregnant

Suzanne Kane is a well-known blogger and media personality, as well as being a mum to two smallies.

She operates the popular SuziSays.com and has a podcast, Dubland.

Her babas - a boy named Oisín and a girl called Hannah - are aged three and 10 months.

Life seems good for Suzanne - because it is good. However, a year ago she was thrown a curveball that few of us would be equipped to handle: seven-and-a-half months pregnant, the now 36-year-old was made redundant from her radio presenting job.

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"After nearly five years, my services were no longer required," the Dubliner describes in her gripping most recent blog post.

She continues: "I couldn’t breathe. I ran, literally ran to grab my bag, out the doors, frantically to my car, desperately trying to keep the huge tears and sobbing under control until I reached the safety of my car."

Suzanne rang her husband, Joey. "'Joey! We’ve just bought our house, GULP, we’ve a mortgage, GASP, bills, GULP, hospital bills, GASP, another baby on the way in a few weeks. Jesus Christ I can’t breathe'."


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And so, on September 14 last year, Ms Kane turned off her computer and walked out the door for the last time. "There was no send off, no whip around, no gift, 'thanks for your service' email, not even a 'sorry you’re leaving card' – nothing," she says.

There was sadness - and also shame - in the aftermath.

"I had an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. I was mortified that I had lost my job," Suzanne states, adding: "At one of the most vulnerable times of my life, I was utterly out of control and helpless.

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It's the little things that she still craves now. "My real redundancy reality is that I miss the 7am drive in to work. I’d have a cup of tea in the car, listen to The Chris Moyles Show and watch Dublin wake up and start moving as I sat in traffic on the quays.

"Also, I miss some of the people, and their banter and the work environment. I miss pushing the heavy studio doors, popping in my headphones and losing myself... I miss my job."

Yet, despite the trauma of everything that happened, Suzanne has learned an awful lot: "I believed my job defined me. I was so wrong. The past few months have taught me that. I’m so much more than that job."

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She concludes: "I’m starting to enjoy being at home, which, to be really honest the thoughts of used to make my blood run cold but I like being chief amuser to Hannah and wrangling Oisín. I’d say that will tire eventually, but for now it’s nice to spend time and watch them grow.

"Most of all I’m thankful I had a husband who could see it through, believe in me and know, as he said 'all will be well'."

You can read the longer version of Suzanne Kane's blog post of being made redundant while pregnant here.