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Family dynamics

28th Sep 2018

Bride shares dress her mother-in-law plans to wear to her wedding and wow

Jade Hayden


Just nah.

Wedding etiquette is hard. There’s things you can’t wear, things you can’t buy as gifts, people you can’t invite, and places you can’t sit.

There’s a lot to consider and really a lot of the time people should just chill out and let their guests do whatever. If they’re not losing the absolute run of themselves then what’s the harm?

One woman, however, who is losing the run of herself is this mother-in-law who wants to wear a legitimate wedding dress to her daughter-in-law’s wedding.

Nah like, she actually does.

A woman known only as ‘Iswo26’ took to Reddit to ask whether she was being unreasonable for being pissed off about the fact that her MIL wants to show up to her wedding in the below dress.

Yeah. Honestly, like.

On Reddit, the bride-to-be wrote:

“(The dress) is gold with gold embellishments and gold threading. The whole dress is sparkly.

“When she showed it to me I was absolutely shocked and I wasn’t very happy with her choice of dress. My dress in comparison is very simple with a little lace and some satin.”

She went on to say that her MIL was also planning on changing outfit throughout the day too – into a second green dress that was also sparkly and over the top.

Grim enough.

She went on:

“Can you believe this woman?! I honestly can’t brain any of this as she’s an extremely simple woman who doesn’t even put effort to dress up on normal days.

“I did tell her in the most diplomatic way possible that her dress is not suitable for the function. She grabbed the dress out of my hands, stuffed it in the cupboard and gave me the silent treatment.”

It remains to be seen as to whether this woman is unhinged enough wear a legit ballgown to her daughter-in-law’s wedding.

She probably is.