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Family dynamics

04th Dec 2018

Mums share the silly things they hear themselves saying and we can ALL relate

Olivia Hayes

It happens.

When we have kids, a lot of things change. Our whole lives basically change – and one thing that certainly changes is what we hear ourselves saying everyday.

Mums shared the sentences that they have to utter out loud, and we have to say, they’re really something else.

We picked out our favourite ones below:

Misplaced items

From today alone:

“DD2 why are you trying to put a garlic baguette in the cash machine?”

“Why is there an apple in your slipper?”

Ready for mass destruction

“We buy him nice weapons and he doesn’t look after them”. To DH while tidying DS(6)’s Star Wars and Knights toy collection.

The ‘accidents’

“Stop stomping your poo down the plug hole!!!” -toddler in the shower had an accident

“Don’t stick your finger up the dogs *insert nose/ear etc here*”

There are usually many more but those are the ones from today I can remember…

The superhero

“How many more times do I have to tell you, you can’t fly!”

“Stop licking the cat/your shoe/leaves/the car”

Poor Jesus

“Why is this sticky/wet/here?!”

“We do NOT put baby Jesus is the hoover DS, that is not where he lives!”