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21st Mar 2024

These are the phrases pregnant women are sick and tired of hearing

Jody Coffey


Avoid saying these at all costs

Being pregnant is an incredibly magical experience, but it comes with its fair share of uncomfortable symptoms.

It can also come with unwelcome belly rubs and unwarranted advice and words of wisdom, which is more of a mental discomfort.

So much so that it seems pregnant women—past and present—have collectively decided to put in writing the sayings and phrases that bug them in the hopes of limiting people from saying them in the future.

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Taking to Reddit, one mum-to-be decided enough was enough.

“I can’t hear this sentence anymore! And everyone says exactly this! The conversation goes like this every time:

“Person: ‘Hey how are you feeling?’

“Me: ‘It’s very hard. I can’t sleep, I feel so exhausted and everything hurts.’

“Person: ‘Yeah, wait until the baby is here. Then it’s really hard’.”

“It doesn’t matter if the person that says this has children themselves or not. They’re all saying this and I feel the urge to punch them in the face and scream ‘shut the f*** up’ because it makes me so mad.”

The mum-to-be feels that anytime someone says this, they’re ‘playing’ her complaints down and not allowing her to ‘feel miserable’ until her baby arrives.

“I hate it the most when it comes from people who don’t even have children!!! Like how do you know? I’m so p***ed off by this.”

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Knowing exactly how this one mum was feeling, other parents came to her defence and shared the sayings that would get and currently do get on their nerves.

One ranted: “The ones I keep in my holster, depending on how snarky I feel: ‘It seems profoundly cruel to ask someone how they’re doing only to tell them it’s going to get worse’.

“People talk so poorly about when the baby gets here, I can hardly believe everybody was harassing me about when I’d have one’. ‘Gee, thanks for the sympathy,’ ‘The baby is already up all night but inside me,’ ‘At least my partner can help when the baby gets here,’ or ‘WOW, I’ve never heard that before’.”

While another mum had another saying that she feels crosses a line and hopes people will learn to stop saying it to pregnant women.

“One I’ve been getting a lot is ‘Well, this is what you wanted!’ after honestly responding to their question of ‘How are you feeling?’ And this isn’t strangers, it’s my parents and best friend of 20 years. If you aren’t going to be supportive of my experience when you ask how I’m doing, don’t f**ing ask!”

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Another pregnant mum sarcastically revealed their ‘favourite’ saying: “My favourite is always ‘Get your sleep while you can!’ Just f**k off.”

One mum was quick to point out that people tend to point out the harder parts, regardless of the age of their child.

“Honestly yes this and all the ‘you think a baby is hard, wait till toddler’ / ‘you think a toddler is hard wait till teen’ like for real shut the f*** up. Every stage is hard while you are in it. No need to invalidate someone experience. It does my absolute head in.”

Other phrases that expectant mums have grown weary of hearing include ‘You just get bigger and bigger!’ and ‘You’ve definitely dropped!’.

These phrases usually mean the person saying them is being blatantly obvious or has no clue what they’re talking about!

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