The genius Lego-cleaning trick every parent need to know about 11 months ago

The genius Lego-cleaning trick every parent need to know about

The Lego in our house gets played with a lot. 

They build entire cities with it, fight over certain coloured parts and are even known to play with it while they are eating their dinner (or breakfast, or whatever). Which I know isn't the smartest or most correct way of doing things, parentally speaking, but sometimes you do what you got to do for peace and quiet (and efficient eating).

The only problem that arises from this is that often, whatever Lego they are playing with during these meal times tend to get rather sticky (as they tend to use their little fingers as forks). For ages, I went through the meticulous process of hand-washing Lego (with an old toothbrush!), until I came across this nifty cleaning hack.

Because did you know you can wash dirty Lego in the washing machine, guys? Yup – it's true. All you need is a wash bag for delicaes (you might have  one of these that you use for pretty undies or just underwire bras that you don't want to wreck your washing machine).


Then just plop the Lego into the wash bag, put it into the washing machine and set it to a low temperature (I use the delicates/wool cycle on my machine) and voila; squaky clean Lego.

When the wash is finish, simply spread you Lego out on a towel to dry them out properly, making sure they are tilted to the side so they don't hold water. Note that it might take a full day for it all to be completely dry.

Also; warning: It goes without saying (but I am saying it anyway) that you should never place electric LEGO parts, parts with batteries, or LEGO tires in the washing machine.