The giant family bed that is perfect for parents who just co-sleep (and we want one!) 2 years ago

The giant family bed that is perfect for parents who just co-sleep (and we want one!)

Got little ones who sneak into your bed every night?

SAME. So much same.

In fairness, I have gotten so used to it, I kind of don't want it any other way at this stage, and kind of love our whole 'family bed' situation we got going on. However, that does not mean that there aren't nights where I find myself constantly detangling little hands from my hair or waking up with aches and pains, having literally slepts in the strangest of positions, as my little octopuses lie sprawled across the bed.

Such is this mama life, I figured.

But then – then, guys – then I realised there are people out there who know what parents really need, and have created a family bed so enormous the entire family will fit in.

Say hello to the Ace company's giant 12 footbed – twice the size of a regular king-sized bed, and seriously – just look at it:

family bed

The US-based company recently released a bed as part of their Ace Collection that is big enough to fit parents, kids (and even a pet or two with room to spare) – in other words, the Ace Collection Family Size bed.


And she is a beauty, I think we can all agree.

family bed

Boasting a width of 12 feet, the luxurious super-bed seems perfect not only for co-sleeping parents, but think about it – how great would this bed be for family Netflix session or movie nights??

Prepare to have to pay for the comfort, though, as the Ace Collection Family Size bed starts at about $4,000 for just the box springs plus the lowest-priced mattress, but you can splurge and spend up to about $12,000 too.

However, having just spent another night in a tangle of arms, legs, and cuddly toys, I am starting to think $12,000 doesn't sounds that crazy...